2018 One Water Presentations

Course TitleDatePrimary First NamePrimary Last Name
Detection and Monitoring of Microcystins  in Theory & Practice8/28/2018SheelaAgrawal
Biologically Enhanced Primary Treatment: A Summary of Experience from Pilot, Demonstration, and Full8/28/2018JaredAlder
Vehicle Safety Everyone Can Use/Run-Hide-Fight8/29/2018KevinAllen
Keeping up with the Solar Landscape in Ohio and Leveraging Onsite Power to Reduce Operating Cost8/28/2018TomArmstrong
Conducting Successful Energy Audits for both Water and Wastewater Facilities8/30/2018Rich Atoulikian
Managing Risk in the Trenchless World8/29/2018RoryBall
A New Source - Delco's O'Shaughnessy  Raw Water Pump Station and Transmission Main Project8/29/2018DanielBarr
Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water Resources: Best Management Practices and Regulations8/29/2018BradleyBartelme
Integrative Planning for The City of Napoleon, Ohio8/29/2018JustinBatt
AMP Integration - Lessons Learned from a Neighboring State8/29/2018JamesBearman
Why Automation Can't Wait8/28/2018MitchellBeckner
Dayton Wastewater Treatment Facility Downsizes Blowers to Upsize Energy Savings8/30/2018PhilBennington
Cross-reactivity of Microcystin Congeners: Effects on Quantification and Monitoring8/29/2018DebmalyaBhattacharyya
Bridging the Gap - Phasing into Operation a New, Aerated Grit System8/30/2018Anthony Blanc
Development of Design Criteria to Supplement TSSs for a Selected Ohio EPA Emerging Technology8/30/2018ZuzanaBohrerova
Operations Challenge - Process Control Review Discussion8/29/2018JimBorton
Lab Automation Today: Advances & Trends in the Water/Wastewater Sector8/29/2018StaceyBrewer
A Discussion of Utility Billing, Customer Service and Revenue Generation8/29/2018WilliamBulloch
Apparent Water Loss8/29/2018KellyByrd
Rolling the Dice: Using the Monte Carlo Method to Optimize Solids Management8/29/2018KevinCampanella
UV-AOP as an Additional Cyanotoxin and Microbial Barrier at the City of Celina, Ohio8/29/2018MatthewCharles
Water System Resiliency Assessments through Main Break Flood Modeling8/29/2018BenjaminChenevey
Monitoring Effectiveness of Sump Pump on Reducing Private Infiltration/Inflow8/29/2018FangCheng
Southerly CEPT: Designing for Intermittent Use8/29/2018VuiChung
Results for Stormwater Infiltration in Combined Sewer Systems8/28/2018KimColich
Intelligent Water Systems: From Understanding Concepts to Current Practices and Future Innovations8/30/2018JamesCooper
A Beginner's Guide to Rates: The history, trends, and new horizons in water and sewer pricing 8/28/2018JosephCrea
Planning for Future Development: A Framework to Guide On-Site Stormwater Management in Cleveland8/29/2018JosephDanyluk
Breaking the Sound Barrier in Sanitary System Assessments8/28/2018JimDavis
On-Field Ohio, the revised Ohio P Risk Index8/27/2018ElizabethDayton
Target 2033: Cincinnati's Program to Eliminate Lead Pipes8/30/2018JasonDeLaet
Wilmington's Harmful Algal Bloom Journey8/28/2018JenniferDelebreau
Eating the Elephant 1 Bite at a Time - Asset Management Programs at Small and Mid-Size Utilities8/29/2018BryanDickerson
Ozone/Biologically Active Carbon Filtration for Drinking Water Treatment8/27/2018RodDunn
Planning for Affordable, Supportable Utility Rates8/28/2018KennethDuplay
Flood Protecting Critical Assets at The Ohio State University8/29/2018TravisEifert
Central Ohio Reservoir Water Quality- Point and Non-Point Influences8/27/2018BenEllsesser
Why Do Some Urban Green Infrastructure Features Thrive Over Time and Others Not So Much?8/28/2018NancyEllwood
Blueprint for One Water: Tactical Guidance for Developing an Integrated One Water Framework8/28/2018BrettFarver
Dual-Purpose Filtration: Same Facility for Wet-Weather Capacity AND Dry-Weather Phosphorus Removal8/29/2018JimFitzpatrick
City of Columbus OARS- How deep tunnels can have big impacts on Combined Sewer Overflows8/29/2018BrandonFox
Design Challenges of a High Rate Treatment Facility8/29/2018GeorgiaFuerst
PFAS Concentrations in Surface Waters in Region Surrounding Fluoropolymer Production Plant8/29/2018JasonGalloway
Wastewater Disinfection with Combined Peracetic Acid and UV Treatment: A Plant Scale Pilot Study8/29/2018AchalGarg
Building and Maintaining Infrastructure to Attract Development: A Case Study of Beech Road Tank8/29/2018Michele Gilkerson
Five Years Later: Active Watershed Management Demonstrates Consistent Reduction in Pollution8/29/2018Jessica Glowczewski
Doubling the Secondary Treatment Capacity Using Step Feed8/29/2018Brian Gresser
Liquid Ionic Copper Offers 3-for-1 as Drinking Water Pre-Treatment8/29/2018DavidHammond
Innovative Delivery Yields Innovative Technical Solutions8/30/2018MikeHanna
Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing8/28/2018KateHansler
Advanced Real-Time Monitoring Improves Pre-Treatment Program Performance8/28/2018DanHanthorn
Please Do Not Feed Medicate the Fish: Pharmaceuticals in WRRF Effluent8/28/2018MadeleineHarris
Respirometry - A Valuable Tool in Wastewater Treatment8/28/2018John Hoffman
Green for Gray: CSO Control using Green Infrastructure8/28/2018KatherineHolmok
When Proactive Investigations and Test Section Construction Lead to Substantial Cost Savings8/30/2018ScottHostetler
A Museum of Early Sewer Construction8/29/2018Mark Hudak
qPCR Analysis of Cyanobacteria Toxins: How it works and what your results mean8/29/2018MeganHurd
Making the Old New Again - Retrofitting an 87-Year-Old Lift Station8/29/2018AaronHutton
NEORSD Southerly WWTC Blower Serviceability Testing and Technology Selection for Energy Efficiency8/28/2018Jeffrey Ifft
NEORSD Southerly WWTC Traveling Bridge Retrofit and Benefits of SRT Control and a Wasting Clarifier8/29/2018Jeffrey Ifft
Don't Just say "HI" ? Getting the Most Out of Your Physical Model8/30/2018StephanJanosko
Lessons Learned from the Design, Start-up, and Operation of the First Full Scale Post-Aerobic Digest8/29/2018SamuelJeyanayagam
The Heidelberg Tributary Loading Program: Keeping a finger on the pulse of Ohio's watersheds8/27/2018LauraJohnson
Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR4) – A Utility Perspective8/27/2018JeffKauffman
DSW Update8/30/2018TiffaniKavalec
Gateway to Success:  Practical Asset Management at MSD8/29/2018Anne Kennedy
Characterizing Fecal Contamination Sources Using Microbial Source Tracking8/27/2018ChristopherKephart
Time Savings with ESRI Collector Application for Stormwater Management8/29/2018JustinKerns
DDAGW Update8/30/2018Amy JoKlei
Delaware County's Self Help Efforts to Increase Capacity Out of WWTP8/29/2018DaleKocarek
Real Deal Energy KPIs8/28/2018KevinKrejny
Cogeneration from biogas at Columbus Waste Water Treatment Plants8/28/2018ToddKrenelka
Watershed Management - New Strategies for Updated Risks8/29/2018LorraineKrzyzewski
Dayton's New Parallel Interceptor-Redundancy for Critical Service Using Custom Pipe Technology8/29/2018Peter Kube
Help! We Need to Invest in Our Infrastructure, But Can I Afford it?8/28/2018ChristinaLaPointe
A Dam Presentation About Hazard Creep and Ohio's Probable Maximum Precipitation Change8/28/2018JulieLawson
Intermittent Raw Water Quality Issues Require Intermittent Responses8/29/2018MATT LEACH
Occurrence and Risk Management of Legionella in Water Systems8/27/2018MarkLeChevallier
Reduce the Consequences of Failure by Assessing and Rehabilitating Critical Valves8/29/2018DavidLewis
Algal Organic Matter Shapes the Physical and Community Structure of Biofilm in Drinking Water Distribution Systems8/29/2018LeiLi
Clear Results You Can Count On8/29/2018Eric Link
Lessons Learned:  The Challenges of Upgrading Infrastructure in a Congested, Urbanized Community8/29/2018JohnLyons
Optimizing Lagoon Based Treatment Systems for Improved BOD, TSS & Nutrient Removal8/29/2018JimMartin
Disinfection Improvements at Tri-Cities North Regional WWTP with CMAR8/29/2018WilliamMartin
Utility Report Card and Capital Efficiency Planning for Reinvestment8/29/2018GlennMarzluf
Nutrient Removal Optimization at OECC8/28/2018AlyssaMayer
Backbone Infrastructure Design for an Intermittent Use Site8/28/2018DavidMcCallops
Considerations in Evaluating Groundwater to Deliver a Reliable and High Quality Water Supply8/30/2018AmberMcDonough
The Success vs. the Pain of Long Term Construction Sequencing8/28/2018BRIAN McGUIRE
No Space No Problem: Membrane Bioreactors and Silo Digester Expand Capacity8/29/2018JamesMills
An Empirically-Based Eutrophication Standard for Large Rivers8/27/2018BobMiltner
Bird Pest Mitigation and Other Challenges of Rehabilitating Toledo's Intake Structure in Lake Erie8/28/2018Jeremy Nakashima
Don't "Screw Press" Around: Applying Screw Press Technology to WTP Residual Solids Dewatering8/29/2018Mark Petrie
Considering a Plethora of Options...for an Energy Efficient Aeration System8/30/2018ScottPhipps
Pumping a splash? It's a gas(-gas-gas)! Is your force main vulnerable to interior corrosion?8/29/2018DanielPorter
Power Quality Study Offers Solutions with Added Benefits - Improved Operability and Energy Savings8/30/2018DouglasReed
Operations Challenge Competition8/28/2018KimRiddell
Ultrasonic Membranes for Biofouling Control8/29/2018AntonRosi
Applying Asset Management Principles in Water Treatment Plants8/29/2018DamonRoth
Utility Meter-to-Cash Best Practices Improve Customer Service and Financial Performance8/28/2018D. MichaelRotunno
Innovative Technologies to Effectively Manage Deteriorating Infrastructure - State-of-the-Art Review8/29/2018Mutiara Ayu Sari
Chemical Precipitation as Primary, Polishing or Back-up Process for Phosphorus Removal8/29/2018JohnScheri
Lessons Learned from a 5 million dollar SCADA System Upgrade8/28/2018PhilipSchmidt
EXTREME MAKEOVER: Water Edition - An Old Pressure District Receives New Infrastructure8/29/2018PhilipSchmidt
Going to the Dark Side: Comparing Drinking Water and Wastewater from a Laboratory Perspective8/29/2018WalterSchroder
Akron's Multi-Barrier Approach to HAB Prevention, Avoidance and Treatment8/29/2018GeorgeSendrey
NEORSD Southerly WWTC Valve Selection and Flexible Aeration Control for Energy Efficiency8/30/2018HarryShaposka
Copper-Silver Water Treatment for Legionella - is it the New Gold Standard for Healthcare?8/28/2018CliffShrive
Next-Generation SCADA High Performance Human Machine Interfaces8/28/2018JohnSidoti
Starting a Young Professionals Group in your Workplace - Experiences, Challenges and Lessons Learned8/28/2018JustinSiegrist
Corrosion Control with Consecutive Systems and Simultaneous Compliance Considerations8/30/2018AndrewSkeriotis
Asset Management Regulations Are Coming, Are You Ready?8/29/2018KevinSlaven
Optimization of Oxidation Ditch Aeration for Nutrient Removal and Energy Efficiency8/28/2018RobertSmith
Sinking Caisson Method - Temporary Excavation Support, Permanent Possibilities8/29/2018AaronSmith
Phosphorous Removal Challenges for a Highly Variable Influent: A Brewery's Road to NPDES Compliance8/29/2018ConnorSmith
Factors Limiting Success in Well Rehabilitation for Asset Management and How to Improve the Odds8/30/2018StuartSmith
Water Storage Tank Inspection Standards and Guidelines8/29/2018PenniSnodgrass
Fraud/Theft Prevention8/29/2018DianaSteck
Water Technology Transfer: Building a Financially Sustainable Early-Warning System for Harmful Algae8/28/2018BryanStubbs
Softer Water for Yellow Springs8/29/2018SamSwanson
Getting to the Source: SSES Zeroes in on Problems, Cuts Estimates and Extends Deadline8/29/2018JohnSwartzbaugh
High Performance Laboratory Essentials8/29/2018KarenTenore
Solving Ohio’s Nutrient Puzzle: A Roundtable Discussion8/28/2018JasonTincu
Small Project Challenges: Innovation to a Storm Culvert's Accelerated Schedule Using New Technology8/29/2018DerekVogel
Utilizing a Risk Mitigation Strategy to Design and Construct a Water System Interconnection8/29/2018KristenVonderBrink
Brine/Concentrate Management - Technologies and Trends8/29/2018TroyWalker
Evaluating Reservoir Life Using Bathymetrics8/27/2018C.R.Weaver
Comprehensive Collection System Study for Odor and Corrosion Mitigation8/29/2018LeeWeber
Blueprint Columbus Downspout Redirection and Lateral Lining Program Pilot: Lessons Learned8/28/2018LeslieWesterfelt
Building the Pipeline- Preparing the workforce of tomorrow 8/28/2018MelindaWhite
Biogas Upgrading - Renewable Natural Gas Options8/28/2018EricWilgenbusch
How to Pass a (Mostly) Painless Rate Increase8/28/2018BriannaWooten
Simple Customer Service for Complex Projects8/29/2018MataryunWright
Improving PAC Storage and Feed to Respond to HABs8/29/2018GeraldWright
Net zero for free. How one utility did it.8/29/2018DavidWrightsman
Degradation and Recovery of the Scioto River (Ohio-USA) Related to Reductions in Sewage Pollution8/30/2018ChrisYoder
Realtime Nutrient Monitoring System and Data Analysis Platform Offers New Insight to Stream Dynamics8/29/2018NathanZgnilec
Implementing a Dynamic Source Water Protection Management Plan for the City of Canton8/29/2018KerryZwierschke
Columbus Water Facilities Tour8/27/2018  
Columbus Waste Water Facilities Tour8/27/2018  
Enhancements in O&M8/28/2018  
Pipes & Air Quality8/28/2018  
Pump Control and Paints8/28/2018  
Assistance in Making your Operations and Maintenance Decisions8/28/2018  
Wastewater Pipes8/28/2018  
Wastewater Treatment Trends8/28/2018  
Water Pipes and Fittings8/28/2018  
Enhancements in O&M8/29/2018  
Pipes & Air Quality8/29/2018  
Pump Control and Paints8/29/2018  
Assistance in Making your Operations and Maintenance Decisions8/29/2018  
Wastewater Pipes8/29/2018  
Wastewater Treatment Trends8/29/2018  
Water Pipes and Fittings8/29/2018  
Rotary Lobe Pump Operation and Maintenance8/29/2018  
Optalign/Rotalign Equipment Laser alignment demonstration 8/29/2018  
K81D Guardian Fire Hydrant Features, Operation & Maintenance and Safety 8/29/2018  
Sewer Flow Metering Basics8/29/2018